Thursday, September 22, 2005


This article is one of the many reasons why I admire Bono as a person (and as a Christian) and love his band's music. As Stanley is fond of saying, "No ethics without example." Bono is a marvelous, invigorating, challenging, inspiring example of what it means to take the Gospel seriously. Bono says of his quest to get western nations to make a determined effort to fight aids, forgive debt, and eradicate poverty: "They [political leaders in the West] keep saying, 'We're spending this much, and it's this much of a share of world spending,' " he told me the next morning. "I want them to say: 'Malaria just can't be allowed. We're going to get rid of malaria.'" Preach it, brother.


Sorry for the longish absence. Chicago, Princeton, Oswego, Princeton, LA, Princeton, school: it's been a busy coupla weeks. But now I'm back, school is in session, and I'm sitting at the feet of the Hazel Thompson McCord Professor of Systematic Theology. Life is good. More posts to come.